Color Blob, by Michael Suppan

I find it fascinating to photograph droplets. Most of the people on earth serve cream with a coffee or cake. Yes, I also use cream. But in this work, I do not consume cream, but mix it with color and capture moments which are just too fast for the human eye.

Color Blob, by Michael Suppan

Sony-A500 with 50mm | Exposure 1/160sec @ f/13 | ISO 200 | Focal Length 50mm
Color Blob, by Michael Suppan

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | September 08
Award Score: 66 (Value 13, Clarity 12, Composition 17.5, Style 11.5, Skill 12)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Abstract Photography
Photograph Location: Graz | Austria

Photographer: Michael Suppan (Graz, Austria) Guest Photographer
Michael Suppan born in the city of Innsbruck, Austria. Now he live in Graz, in the southeast of Austria. He is a self-taught hobby photographer. He started photographing in 2008 and came to this topic through small detours. He was looking for a creative activity in his spare time as a balance for his daily life. As he was always fascinated by technical things he could already bring in his gained experience into photography from the first day on. To his opinion high-speed
photography is one of the most interesting and challenging fields in photography. What fascinate him most about photography is that he can make the observers aware of things that they wouldn’t take notice of in their everyday life.


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