Colosseo Nights, by Edward Jones

Walking down Via dei Fori Imperiali there’s only one thing that catches your eye! This photographer was taken standing on a wall out of the crowds when the car lights trailed into the distance. It is a must visit for anyone!

Colosseo Nights, by Edward Jones

Canon EOS 450D with 17-55mm | Exposure f/11 @ 20sec | ISO 200 | Focal Length 25mm
Colosseo Nights, by Edward Jones

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | October 31
Award Score: 63 (Value 12, Clarity 12, Composition 15, Style 11.5, Skill 12.5)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Motion Photography
Photograph Location: Rome | Italy

Photographer: Edward Jones (Chester, United Kingdom) Registered
Edward Jones is new to photography, and still experimenting. He enjoys cityscapes, landscapes, and anything that he can stand and admire. He believes there is still a lot to learn but always must enjoy every moment of it.


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