Enjoying Her Chips by Abbas Jambughodawala

She is little beautiful costumer of my Grandpa’s shop which is situated in the village of Gujarat she comes regularly to buy some chips and household stuffs, she was enjoying her chips When i clicked this photo, I looked into her eyes then she shy and change her vision and then I calmly took her pic

Huawei G630-U10 | Exposure 1 / 35sec @ f / 5.3 | ISO 144 | Focal Length 165mm

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Award Date
October 26, 2019



Value 12
Clarity 13
Composition 18
Style 13
Skill 12

Award Category
Portrait Photography

Photograph Location
Dahod, Gujarat, India

Abbas jambughoda, born and living Dahod one small town in Gujarat, India, as an architecture student exploration is the key so to understand better and explore more what is architecture I started photography as a tool to understand human life , culture and its architecture. i mostly travelled Gujarat and exploring its life and people and how architecture affecting their life.

Current Location
Dahod, india




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