Nice Reflection, by Prajith Cherukatt

This Burj Al Arab’s nice reflection that I took it from Madinat Jumeirah.

Nice Reflection, by Prajith Cherukatt

Nice Reflection, by Prajith Cherukatt

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | October 05
Photo of the Day Award Category: Night Photography
Photograph Location: Dubai | The United Arab Emirates

Photographer: Prajith Cherukatt (Dubai, U.A.E)
Prajith Cherukatt lives in Dubai, UAE. He has an artistic eye and passion for Photography, Cricket and Driving.

Facebook: Prajith Cherukatt

22 reviews
    PRAJITH says:

    @Joshua.. I agree some of them are my friends. but can i tell them dont comment for my photos? May be your view and their view is different. I am not telling my photos are 100% perfect. And i am not believe the Light and Composition team will select any bad quality photos.

  2. Joshua
    Joshua says:

    LOL. Are these all your friends who left a feedback for your photo ? Again like the other photo this photo too lack sharpness and is darker. It is just colourful. That’s all !

  3. e_journalist
    e_journalist says:

    i realy like it.but dear prajith tell me one thing do you use any software for editing your photographs? do professional photographers use photo edotor or not?

  4. Pavitha
    Pavitha says:

    Hello Praji

    This one is really superb…So colorfull and beautifull…Hatsroff to u…Keep up ur work and keep going…Wish to c more clicks clicks and clicks frm u..cya

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