Secret Life of a Spoon, by Jana Z

This photo is one in the series of photos portraying a secret life that a spoon lives when left alone by human beings who go to work every day. In this photo, the spoon has the luxury of taking an afternoon nap, after having been reading a bit of Snoopy’s comic. The spoon has many humanly behaviors and habits, including sleeping with a teddy bear.

Secret Life of a Spoon, by Jana Z

Nikon D700 | Exposure f/5.6 @ 1/15s | ISO 160
Secret Life of a Spoon, by Jana Z

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | October 03
Award Score: 62 (Value 12, Clarity 11.5, Composition 15, Style 11, Skill 12.5)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Still Life Photography
Photograph Location: Geneva | Switzerland

Photographer: Jana Z (Geneva, Switzerland) Registered
Jana Z began flirting with photography in 2010 when she realized that taking trips and walks are much more interesting with a camera in her hands. She had moved from Slovenia to Switzerland, and wanted to capture all the new landscape, nature and people that she had been meeting. Jana started with an Olympus e420, but later adopted a new pet, Nikon D700. She also loves playing the piano, traveling, learning new languages and baking.


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