Blue Flower, by Orlando J Emmanuelli

On a holiday outing i found myself waiting for some friends to finish some shopping at a roadside store in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. What does a photographer do when he finds himself with idle time? Well, you start taking pictures. I happened to have my macro lens at hand, which i favor and went about looking for little interesting details. I cant say i am a flower photographer, however i find myself drawn to them all the time due to their intricate details and colors. This particular flower pulled me over and showed me some beautiful and delicate details and tones. The picture was taken with natural light, which at the time was beautifully diffused as the sky was a bit overcast.

Blue Flower, by Orlando J Emmanuelli

Nikon D700 | Exposure: f/4 at 1/250sec| ISO 200 | Focal Length 60mm | Nikon 60mm f2.8G lens | Exposure Compensation -0.7
Blue Flower, by Orlando J Emmanuelli

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | November 20
Photo of the Day Award Category: Close-Up Photography
Photograph Location: New York | The United States

Photographer: Orlando J Emmanuelli (New York, USA) Registered
Orlando has been photographing for the past 11 years. His main interest is capturing the moment. A mixture of candid and journalism photography. With this style he has built a large collection of different subjects throughout the years. His library includes landscapes, street-scapes, nature, travel, Architecture and portraits. Pride, happiness, solitude, imposition and many other concepts are displayed in his work.

He is working on some projects at this time. Between those he is developing a Portrait portfolio. Orlando is also working on an architectural interest collection. This one shows details on different structures in cities like New York, San Juan, Paris, Rome, Copenhagen. A public interest project is also on the works, with the intention to raise awareness on our current homeless population. Additional concepts are also in development.

Orlando Currently freelances in New York City. He photographs events as well as Portraits and Head-shots. His events are captured in photo journalism style and event details are have his special touch.

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