Zikir, by Ismawan Ismail

There is an Indonesian as well as Eastern Malaysian custom to gather and recite together. In some occasions, the event is conducted with considerable number of participants, praise the Almighty Allah, and recite the Holy Quran together. However, there are no authentic references that this form of practices was done by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his companion as well as the generation after them in this way. In fact the way of this practice is fairly different mentioned in Quran and the teaching of Prophet (PBUH). In Quran chapter 7 verses 203-205, it was mentioned – “…This Qur’an is enlightenment from your Lord and guidance and mercy for people who believe. So when the Qur’an is recited, then listen to it and pay attention that you may receive mercy. And remember (Zikir) your Lord within yourself in humility and in fear without being apparent in speech – in the mornings and the evenings. And do not be among the heedless.” (Surah Al A’raf: 203-205).
There is no doubt that Zikir is important and a must for every Muslim, but it should be done silently or in low voice and must be done individually like the Sunnah prayers (light prayers).

Zikir, by Ismawan Ismail

Olympus E-300 with Zuiko 50-200mm | Exposure f/6.3 @ 1/800sec | ISO 200 | Focal Length 50mm
Zikir, by Ismawan Ismail

It was also clearly explained in the hadith narrated by Abu Musa: “We were in the company of the Prophet on a journey, and whenever we ascended a high place, we used to say Takbir (in a loud voice). The Prophet said, “O people! Be kind to yourselves, for you are not calling upon a deaf or an absent one, but You are calling an All-Hearer, and an All-Seer.” Then he came to me as I was reciting silently, “La haul a wala quwwata illa bil-lah.” He said, “O ‘Abdullah bin Qais! shall I tell you a word which is one of the treasures of Paradise? It is: La haul a wala quwwata illa bil-lah.” (Saheeh Bukhari – Volume 8, Book 75, Hadith no 393)
(La haul a wala quwwata illa bil-lah – There is no might to avoid disobeying Allah except by the protection of Allah and no strength to obey Allah except with the help of Allah.)

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | November 07
Award Score: 65 (Value 12.5, Clarity 12.5, Composition 16, Style 12, Skill 12)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Islamic Photography
Photograph Location: Kuala Kencana, Papua | Indonesia

Photographer: Ismawan Arief Ismail (Kuala Kencana, Papua, Indonesia)
Ismawan Ismail born in 1972 and started to take pictures using pocket camera since his high-school days. An IT executive at a mining company located in Papua, Indonesia that started his IT career from a computer hobbyist, he is hoping that someday photography can also be another hobby-to-career move for him, as he already started taking photo assignments and selling stock photos.

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