It’s a Colorful World, by Robert Chalmers

This little kitten appeared to be living in the cavity of a property wall bordering the roadway. It caught my eye with it’s unusual colored eyes, it’s white fur, in a white wall. A fleeting shot that is a once in a lifetime chance encounter as I walked along the road.

It's a Colorful World, by Robert Chalmers

Olympus C765UZ | Exposure 1/320sec @ f/3.7 | ISO 69 | Focal Length 63mm
It's a Colorful World, by Robert Chalmers

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | May 28
Award Score: 60 (Value 12, Clarity 12, Composition 14, Style 11, Skill 11)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Conceptual Photography
Photograph Location: Minchun Road, Jin Hai Lu, Pudong, Shanghai | China

Photographer: Robert Chalmers (Felixstowe, United Kingdom) Registered
Robert Chalmers worked in China over a number of years, widely traveled in Australia, and currently lives in England. He is exploring the capabilities of the new digital cameras, and find the lightness and speed a bonus for capturing those fleeting moments. Robert has had a wide range of experiences in his academic career, from going to University as a Mature Age Student in 1980, to graduation with a Master of TESOL from the University of Southern Queensland in 2011. This indicates that Robert is always learning, and while his work history reflects his passion for teaching in the EFL/ESL learning area, he continues his interest in linguistics into his extra curricula activities, researching ideas in specific language areas like multilingualism, and online learning technologies. Robert sees the necessity of continued learning as the only real pathway to knowledge, and the key to opening new ideas. He is interested in meeting people and ever expanding his contacts around the world. He finds other cultures and languages to have a deep fascination. As understanding grows about a culture it gives insights into the way the people of that language and culture think about the world. This has led Robert to the idea that multilingualism has benefits to society far beyond simple uses like business exchange. Cultural exchanges truly have greater value than is generally attributed to them.

Working with people of cultures other than his own, has given Robert the ability to establish an easy rapport with students and academics alike, at all levels. He was most well received for example in the Gong Lu High School, Pudong, Shanghai China. The word Gong Lu, meaning Workers Street. The children of this high school where Robert taught one day a week as part of a program initiated by the University, were the sons and daughters of local workers – people who would never come across a person from another culture in their entire lives. It is clear that Robert is now a senior teacher. Still learning, still with a strong desire to teach or lead in the TESOL discipline, Robert is keen to continue applying his skills in an administration role as Director of Studies for example, or a senior EAP/ESL/EFL teacher to advanced or intermediate students.

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