London Eye at Night, by Ana Sylvia Encinas

It was a lovely and very cool October night in London, the first time I visited the city, and my first night there. Walking along the river, my eyes were delighted at the sight of the London Eye. I shot this long exposure to get this image, so golden, so inspiring, as I found the view right then, that night.

London Eye at Night, by Ana Sylvia Encinas

Nikon D3000 | Exposure: 30sec @ f/11 | ISO 100 | Focal Length 18mm
London Eye at Night, by Ana Sylvia Encinas

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | May 24
Photo of the Day Award Category: Night Photography
Photograph Location: London | United Kingdom

Photographer: Ana Sylvia Encinas (Hermosillo, Mexico) Registered
Ana Sylvia Encinas, born in Hermosillo, México, has had a passion for photography since she was little. She got her first DSLR camera in December 2009, and since then she started discovering the magic of photography at another level, and exploring techniques that are bringing her to find her own style as a photographer. Ana is a master in marketing and an entrepreneur, owns and manages several companies, but spends most of her free time making landscape and nature pictures and exploring photography. Photography is her true passion, and she´s working on developing her photography skills at the most.


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  1. Kazi Fazly Rabby
    Kazi Fazly Rabby says:

    You made made me more convinced that good photography needs mostly technique rather than Expensive equipment.
    It’s a lovely shot.


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