Sorrow…, by Vinay Joshi

The photograph depicts the sorrow for me, and hence the title. The idea was to photograph only the reflection of the tree on the water. It was taken in Tamil Nadu on the road to Thekkady from Pollachy.

Sorrow..., by Vinay Joshi

Canon EOS 1000D | Aperture: f/4.0 | Shutter 1/4000sec | Focal Length: 70mm
Sorrow…, by Vinay Joshi

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | March 26
Photo of the Day Award Category: Abstract Photography
Photograph Location: Tamil Nadu | India

Photographer: Vinay Joshi (Bangalore, India) Registered
Vinay Joshi lives and works in Bangalore. He is an Automotive Engineer and work for a US based Mechanical Design and Engineering Company. Originally from a place called Indore in Madhya Pradesh. He is married and have a 1 year old son. Photography to him comes naturally, photography is not a hobby or profession to him, it is in fact that zeal for me to capture that moment and live it everyday for rest of his life. So far he has tried to capture anything and everything around him. Vinay believes that things, people and nature around us are so awesome beautiful that whatever you click is bound to look perfect. He works under the name of Indori VJ (Indori from his hometown Indore and VJ means Vinay Joshi)


23 reviews
  1. Deeps
    Deeps says:

    Wish you all the best to win photo of the year award as well.. This is truely an amazing click.

  2. Ankit Patwa
    Ankit Patwa says:

    Actually the whole concept of capturing the trees reflection and to see sorrow in it is brilliant. Beautiful pic.

  3. Bhagyesh
    Bhagyesh says:

    In this materialistic world where many are chasing some fugitive targets and spoiling life, I congrats you on pursuing a creative hobby and trying to express your feelings. The photograph is simply superb. Best wishes.

  4. Khushboo Bhatia
    Khushboo Bhatia says:

    The sorrows never stay, like water they flow,the change course, they evaporate and if they seem to be stagnant, the water comes down as rain shower and breaks the stagnant frame of sorrow … this picture, is not just a click, it is a truth, a story in itself and the photographer is the artist!! Awesome click! Keep up the good work!


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