Monet on Water, by Nancy Sámano

Camecuaro Lake, in Mexico, the water remembers the Monet’s strokes over itself. Monet’s strokes are not of one size, they overlap and one grand cascading jumble of color. Certainly more than any other artist’s work.

Monet on Water, by Nancy Sámano

Canon PowerShot G9 | Exposure: 1/250sec | Aperture: f/5.6 | ISO: 200 | Focal Length 14.8mm
Monet on Water, by Nancy Sámano

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | March 19
Photo of the Day Award Category: Abstract Photography
Photograph Location: Camecuaro Lake, Lago de Camécuaro National Park | Mexico

Photographer: Nancy Sámano Velázquez (Guadalajara, Jal. Mexico) Registered
Nancy Sámano. Photographer by accident, observer by conviction, she is a Cultural Producer since 2005. She studied Cinema Direction in Barcelona City, and later screenplay creation in New York City. This place intensifies her interest in photography. In Guadalajara México, city where she born in 1981 and lives now, she exposes her work in several galleries. In Spain, she filmed and wrote two short cuts and now she is writing a long film screenplay.


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