My version of ‘The Flatiron’, by Sharad Patel

I thought today would be a perfect day to go on a photo walk. So took the camera, tripod, and was out to take some snow photos. Last year, at the same spot where I took this photo, I saw the same scene and in excitement, I screamed, “Oh! Look at that. I’ll take a picture of it later.” And, as usual, my friends started laughing because they thought I was crazy. I didn’t say anything, today was the perfect opportunity to show them what I was talking about that day. So, this photo is dedicated to all my crew members.

My version of 'The Flatiron', by Sharad Patel

Canon 30D | Exposure: 1/30 | Aperture: f/3.5 | ISO: 800
My version of ‘The Flatiron’, by Sharad Patel

I was literally sitting on 18 inch snow, and people were like, “is this guy crazy?” I didn’t care. Couple of them came up to me and were like, “What are you doing?” I said, “this is a camera and I’m trying to take a picture.” But the weird look they gave was funny! It was a nightmare to do this photo walk. Camera wouldn’t focus, by the time I focused, there would be snow on the lens etc etc. The reason I gave “My version of ‘The Flatiron'” the title because it kinda resembles to Edward Stiechen’s ‘The Flatiron’ photograph. Of course, I’m not trying to copy him, but just thought of this title as soon as I took this photo. Also, reminds me of the concept of “Pre-visualization” where the photographer visualizes the scene before he takes the photo. Adopted by a lot of legendary photographers, like the one and one, and my most favorite – Henri Cartier Bresson, and also many other photographers today. Also, if you notice, there’s the tripod on bottom left. I was too lazy to go down there, remove the tripod, and take the photo. So, I just kept it there to give a “dramatic” effect.

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | March 09
Photo of the Day Award Category: Night Photography
Photograph Location: New York | The United States

Photographer: Sharad Patel (New York, USA) Registered
Sharad Patel, an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Graphic Design, is passionate about photography. After spending his childhood growing up in Mumbai, India, he moved to New York, USA during the summer of 2007. Even though always had a keen interest in photography, it was only after his friends introduced him to Flickr, that his interest escalated. He regularly uploaded pictures he took and received comments from his peers on Flickr. This allowed him to fine tune his vision and motivated him to develop his skills. He hopes that one day, when he is a successful graphic designer, he continues to capture the moments which make life special through photography.


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  1. Angeliki
    Angeliki says:

    Very nice shot, i also liked your text – but i wished to know the location details and the exact time of that picture taken. Anyway is impressive as concerning to colors and inspiration.

    • Sharad
      Sharad says:

      Thank you guys!

      @Angeliki: It was taken at 6:28 pm on December 26, 2010.

      Exact location: Behind Swaminarayan Temple, Robinson St. (Next to Bowne St.) Flushing, NY.

  2. Ujash Patel
    Ujash Patel says:

    Yet another superb shot! Its feels like I’m makin daily visits to this site because of this young man’s photography. Please keep them coming, and continue inspiring.


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