The Worshippers, by Waseef Akhtar

This photograph was taken at Al-Masjid al-Haram during Isha on an ordinary day in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Al Masjid al-Haram (“The Sacred Mosque”) is the largest mosque in the world that surrounds the Ka’aba, the place which Muslims worldwide turn towards as unique direction while offering daily prayers. It is Islam’s most holiest place.

The Worshippers, by Waseef Akhtar

Sony DSC-S650 | Exposure f/4 @ 1/15sec | ISO 200
The Worshippers, by Waseef Akhtar

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | June 28
Photo of the Day Award Category: Islamic Photography
Photograph Location: Mecca | Saudi Arabia

Photographer: Waseef Akhtar ( Riyadh, Saudi Arabia )
Waseef Akhtar is a free lance photographer based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He is working with few companies as a part time photographer. Photography has always been his passion and he aims to pursue it until he has pushed the boundaries of his ability. He has been interested in photography for four years but only took this hobby seriously over the past two years. He is constantly trying to improve and evolve as a photographer.


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  1. Simon Ibrahim
    Simon Ibrahim says:

    I cannot agree with you. I cannot!

    Yes it’s a crowd, but each person you see there suppose to visit that place only once in their lifetime. And going there one spent lifelong earning.

    Look at them, very carefully again, each one has a different story. How many people on earth spent their life earning to visit a place just once in life!

    2006, I went there, during hajj after I accepted Islam. more than 3.5 millions people that day,i believe! Only thing I remember was crying and asking forgiveness to Allah.

  2. Bryan
    Bryan says:

    I sat and looked at this photograph for a good fifteen minutes trying to understand what made it the “photograph of the month,” and I never came to a conclusion.

    Please do not take offense, but anyone with a decent camera can shoot a crowd of people.

    I find this picture boring and void of organization. If I am missing something, please enlighten me.

    Kind Regards,

  3. Samad
    Samad says:

    Very nice shot mashallah! Such a talented freelance photographer.

    Good luck with your future projects and may god bless you with a canon mark 1ds and with lots of rain filled with L lenses.

    Keep up the good work cheeko!

  4. Ali Sahibzada
    Ali Sahibzada says:

    Amazing dude! You’ve rendered me wordless! Just keep following your dreams and touch the stars!


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