The Path to Paradise, by Robin Vetrady

The photograph was taken on the way to Thajiwas Glacier, near Sonmarg, Kashmir, India in October 2009. The mountains had got the first snow showers of the winter a day ago and so it was a perfect day to visit the place.

The Path to Paradise, by Robin Vetrady

The Path to Paradise, by Robin Vetrady

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | June 24
Photo of the Day Award Category: Travel Photography
Photograph Location: Thajiwas Glacier, Kashmir | India

Photographer: Robin Vetrady ( Bangalore, India) Registered
Robin Vetrady studied Mechanical Engineering and currently working as a Software Engineer. He was initiated into the world of DSLR photography in October 2008 by a very close friend of his. Since then it has been an eventful journey of experimenting with his DSLR. he loves taking landscapes and his favorite subject is his wife.


10 reviews
  1. pasang tshering . Bhutan.
    pasang tshering . Bhutan. says:

    wow, u r very lucky to travel there on that day, cause that was the perfect day for photography, it would have been different if u were not lucky. it’s a very beautiful picture, wonderful.

  2. Pramod
    Pramod says:

    Hey Robin you have just Robbed the beauty in this Pic, amazing work. And such an awesome job in 2 years is simply horrible:)

  3. Ashitha
    Ashitha says:

    Hey.. totally breath-taking pic.. u have been able to capture the beauty of this place in ur pic in a way that others just fail to.. i salute u for this…superb.. mind blowing..

  4. Ajith Aravind
    Ajith Aravind says:

    What a picture!There can’t be a better way to capture the spirit of this place. Backlight adds drama and the composition is spot on. Leading line, rule of thirds,contrast,puffy clouds – you name it; everything is there in this wonderful landscape picture. Well done Robin. Keep shooting.


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