Running at Elevado Costa e Silva, by Marcus Laranjeira

This photo was taken on an avenue in downtown São Paulo-SP, Brazil, which is elevated from street level, about as high as the second floor of a building. Residential buildings around this avenue, when it was built, lost value and people who lived in them lost their privacy. So the whole area has worsened. Indigents, drug addicts, criminals and people on the margins of society began to frequent the area. To take pictures with security in this region, a group of photographers, amateur and professional, under the supervision of a journalist, organized a photographic output for this purpose. The tour lasted about two hours and yielded excellent images.

Running at Elevado Costa e Silva, by Marcus Laranjeira

Running at Elevado Costa e Silva, by Marcus Laranjeira

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | June 21
Photo of the Day Award Category: Black & White Photography
Photograph Location: São Paulo | Brazil

Photographer: Marcus Laranjeira ( São Paulo, Brazil )
Marcus Laranjeira is a professional in the exact sciences, graduated in mathematics and computer science. Work with software development and have photography as his hobby and passion. With photography he explores the world and his feelings. With this, he shows the world the way he sees it. Since 2004 play, study, train and develop his knowledge of photography on his own. He is self-taught and he believes the more he learns, the more he wants to learn.


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  1. Gisele
    Gisele says:

    I could feel the wind in my face just looking to this picture! Congratulations Marcus! Very nice shot!

  2. Luciano Mantuaneli
    Luciano Mantuaneli says:

    I guess this shoot captures an interesting point of view from this location in São Paulo: The ghosts. When the cars – true innhabitants of this crazy city – are forbidden to use the Elevado, some ghosts of an ancient and rarely-seen specie can be caught doing an old habbit: Sports.

  3. Reinaldo Fré
    Reinaldo Fré says:

    This picture has movement, it is sensitive. The framework has a great view of the depth of the high and the slums of concrete in buildings that became the region.
    Nice work, congratulations

  4. Oficina Fotografica
    Oficina Fotografica says:

    Belíssima foto, impressionante como a cabeça da pessoa fotografada lembra um martelo que logo me fez lembrar Pink Floyd – The Wall – a luzes, o elevado… a foto tem som!!! excelente ;)

  5. Carmela
    Carmela says:

    São Paulo… olhos de artista para pintá-la; alma de poeta para entendê-la…

    São as sombras às sombras desta cidade, como uma esfinge a gritar: decifra-me ou te devoro!


  6. Tiago Takami
    Tiago Takami says:

    Exposição perfeita e ótima composição, além do momento único e click na hora certa. Parabéns.

  7. Alexandre Alves Andrade
    Alexandre Alves Andrade says:

    Great picture, I loved it.

    You really captured the city that never stops while it was taking a nap.

  8. Diego Laranjeira
    Diego Laranjeira says:

    It shows São Paulo from a great point of view, very few times viewed from it’s citizens!
    Amazing Pic!

  9. Dr. Ralaobama
    Dr. Ralaobama says:

    Congratulantions Mister Laranjeira.
    Your picture is realy nice.
    The only thing that made me sade was to discover that pictures are your passion.
    I always thought that your passion was me.
    Kisses on your niples.
    Dr. Alabama, from São Bernardo do Campo

  10. Stefano Aguiar
    Stefano Aguiar says:

    I really enjoyed the gray tones of this picture. That cannot distract me, thought, from the nice framing and delicate composition. An overall great image.

  11. Rosângela Rodríguez
    Rosângela Rodríguez says:

    What distinghishes a great artist, first of all, is a modest; second, imagination and thirdly, the technique.
    Sensitivity and competence resulted in this beautiful image.
    Congratulations, Marcus!

  12. Alencar
    Alencar says:

    The sad Elevado also served as location for the movie “Blindness”.
    Great photo.
    Resembles the vision of a ghost city.


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