Brothers, by Jose Renteria

They are Emiliano and Nicolás, they share parents a house and a life as well as many other things, this day a shark was going to show up and they were just waiting anxious for it, the aquarium was dark and a ray of sunlight illuninated the pool, I decided to make the classic underwater silohuette with only my boys in the frame. The title was because I wanted them to see themselves form my point of view and to have that memories for ever.

Brothers, by Jose Renteria

PENTAX K10D | 1/180 | f/9.5 | lens 55mm | ISO 100
Brothers, by Jose Renteria

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | June 19
Photo of the Day Award Category: Color Photography
Photograph Location: Osaka | Japan

Photographer: Jose Manuel Renteria Cobos (Osaka, Japan) Registered
Jose Renteria born in Veracruz in december 17th 1973, raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, and currently living in Japan. He is a professional airline pilot and photography is his second professional priority, He has a professional photography Diploma and his is an everyday learner, aviation photography is his favorite topic followed by action, street, and landscape, except studio and multi flash photo. He founded in Japan that it is a very photogenic country (if not the most) He goes to every airport available to shoot aviation, travel to places to capture natute and colors, walk the streets in the night to capture the city lights and he always has a camera in my bag. He started photography in 2000 with a Canon rebel SLR but my real start was when I got his first DSLR, a PENTAX K10D, this camera changed his life. He is still a Pentax user and he will always be. Photography is not a business to him, it´s a way to play with time and space, people and things, it´s his escape from daily routine and an addiction with no harm. He always has goals and my next one is to start mastering portratit and strobist technique.
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