Loneliness by Samira Rahmati

Here it is called the cemetery of ships, in Qeshm in Iran. Entering the shipyard is like stepping back into the Old Testament, with a wooden Noah’s Ark standing before you. This photo is to portray the loneliness of the ships here. A place to die in solitude.

iPhone X | Exposure f/2.4 @ 1/60sec | Focal Length 6mm | ISO 64

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Award Date
June 12, 2019



Value 13
Clarity 13
Composition 18
Style 13
Skill 13

Photograph Location
Gouran, Qeshm, Iran

Samira Rahmati is an emerging photographer. She was born in Iran and lives in Tehran. She studied photography, Persian language, and literature. She loves traveling and photography, and is currently working as a photographer in the Young Hamshahri Magazine. She loves to portray the life, people, and nature with her photography. She believes, her photographs represent how she looks at life of the people of Iran, their culture, and traditions.

Current Location
Tehran, Iran




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