Let’s Go by Samira Rahmati

This is a magnificent Istikla street . A street in which life flows and during which people walk along the day and at night there is a cafe and a club, and everywhere there is a musical sound. One of the attractions of the youth and tourists on this street is a ride without tickets to these trams.

NIKON D750 with 24-120 mm | Exposure 1/125 sec @ f/4 | ISO 100 | Focal Length 100 mm

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Award Date
June 5, 2019



Value 11
Clarity 11
Composition 16
Style 11
Skill 12

Award Category
Street Photography

Photograph Location
Istanbul, Turkye

Samira Rahmati is an emerging photographer. She was born in Iran and lives in Tehran. She studied photography, Persian language, and literature. She loves traveling and photography, and is currently working as a photographer in the Young Hamshahri Magazine. She loves to portray the life, people, and nature with her photography. She believes, her photographs represent how she looks at life of the people of Iran, their culture, and traditions.

Current Location
Tehran, Iran




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