On the Way to Lachung, by Sanjay Gajjar

This photograph was taken on the way to Lachung, Sikkim. The word Lachung means “small pass”. It is near to the border of China. With an elevation of about 9,600 ft, Lachung known as the most picturesque village of Sikkim. However, the way to it is very rough, you can sense that one mistake can put your life in danger.

On the Way to Lachung, by Sanjay Gajjar

Canon Kiss EOS Digital X | Exposure 1/200sec @ f/4.5 | ISO 200 | Focal Length 28mm
On the Way to Lachung, by Sanjay Gajjar

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | June 02
Award Score: 66 (Value 12, Clarity 12, Composition 17, Style 13, Skill 12)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Adventure Photography
Photograph Location: Sikkim, India

Photographer: Sanjay Gajjar (Gujarat, India) Registered
Sanjay Gajjar is a photographer from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. He studied Civil engineering and right now working with a Municipal Corporation of Ahmedabad City in Town Planning department. Just within the last Three years he renewed his passion for photography when he entered in to circle of a Digital Canon Kiss DSLR. He likes to travel and also likes to show the beauty of nature by the way of photography. He is constantly trying to improve and evolve as a photographer.

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sanjaygajjar
Portfolio: http://picasaweb.google.com/swapnsanjay

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  1. Fin
    Fin says:

    If you rotate the image in photoshop to correct the leaning of the trees in the far right background the image is far less frightening. Yes it still has impact because you are on a cliffside road but a clockwise rotate on a knoll in your front lawn can look impressive when not cropped correctly for horizon. Ya lost me!


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