The Blue-winged Bee, by Shahnaz Parvin

I was walking around, and suddenly heard the humming sound of bee somewhere near. Just then I noticed this yellow flower and this beautiful blue-winged bee glued to the nectar. I took this photograph during my early photography days, when I used to take photos of every small detail I saw around me. During the off days, I used to visit areas around Dhaka, where one can feel the village atmosphere, and nature in beautiful color.

The Blue-winged Bee, by Shahnaz Parvin

Canon EOS Kiss X4 | Focal Length: 131 mm | Exposure 1/125sec @ f/8 | ISO 200
The Blue-winged Bee, by Shahnaz Parvin

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | July 31
Award Score: 58.5 (Value 11, Clarity 11.5, Composition 14, Style 10.5, Skill 11.5)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Close-Up Photography
Photograph Location: Dhaka | Bangladesh

Photographer: Shahnaz Parvin (Dhaka, Bangladesh) Registered
Shahnaz Parvin is an Award-Winning Photo Journalist. She is a passionate Bangalee, and resides in Bangladesh. Though she is doing a job as system admin in a PSI company, her real passion lays in photography and learning it. Shahnaz mostly loves documentary photography, and loves to represent her country Bangladesh through her lens. With the highest number of Photo of the Month and Photo of the Day Awards, recently Shahnaz joined Light and Composition from March 2013. Covering upheaval, conflict, places, people, and culture, she is the new Media Head for Asia.


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