Calm Amidst the Flurry, by Lakshmi Prabhala

It was a dim lit winter morning when we visited Charminar (seen in the background) which is usually surrounded by pigeons as many visitors feed these pigeons. The flutter of the wings on a slow shutter speed does look dramatic, and when you have so many birds. While Hyderabad is a progressive city making rapid strides in the IT sector, there is another side to Hyderabad that is laid-back and unflappable.

Calm Amidst the Flurry, by Lakshmi Prabhala

Nikon D80 with 18-135mm lens. Exposure: f/3.5 at 1/25 sec, ISO200, 2/3EV
Calm Amidst the Flurry, by Lakshmi Prabhala

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | July 18
Photo of the Day Award Category: Motion Photography
Photograph Location: Hyderabad | India

Photographer: Lakshmi Prabhala (Hyderabad, India) Registered
Lakshmi Prabhala is totally taken in by photography as a medium. She believes, photography allows one to look at the world in totally different perspective, trains one’s eyes to see the world in better light and look for beauty in the most unexpected of places. It is indeed very surprising that so much can be learnt and understood about this world just by freezing a frame for a fraction of a second.


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  1. Gorgh
    Gorgh says:

    Lakshmi Prabhala. Infact, a very beautiful photography with a clear background view; as if I stand in person viewing the scene with my naked eyes. Here I would like to says; if yet another photography of the same could be taken with a view to focus more on flying pigeons, with exactly same angle of the background to highlight the other side of the man focusing eyes, i mean clearity & focusing of the flying pigeons and a little blurred background view. Ur efforts is well appreciated & admired.

  2. Agni
    Agni says:

    wow so beautiful. I really love this capture, especially the motion blur created by flying pigeons… awesome !

  3. (Antoinette) Toni Govan
    (Antoinette) Toni Govan says:

    Reminds me of familiar scenes in NYC. The buildings are different but same mood and sentiment. I often wonder in the stillness of the scene, where are they (the birds) going so fast?


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