The Well of Death, by Prasanth Chandran

This shot was taken during the annual carnival at Aluva Shivarathri Mahotsavam, Kerala. The amazing fact was that, those people down there where circling round and round at such a speed that I thought they will snatch my camera away!

The Well of Death, by Prasanth Chandran

Canon EOS 7D | Samyang 8mm Fisheye Manual Lens | Exposure: 1/60 | ISO 320 | Focal Length 50mm | Bias -2/3
The Well of Death, by Prasanth Chandran

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | July 14
Award Score: 64.5 (Value 11, Clarity 12.5, Composition 16.5, Style 12, Skill 12.5)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Motion Photography
Photograph Location: Aluva, Kerala | India

Photographer: Prasanth Chandran (Cochin, India) Registered
Prasanth Chandran’s passion for photography is what reflects in his photographs. In each image, which he captures through his camera, he wants the world to see and know the story within. The journey with his camera, as an amateur photographer, began in the year 2009. Having captured varied essences of myriad locations, people, festivities and more within Kerala, he ventures ahead to tell more stories. Stories that will inspire and move the heart, body and soul of the viewer.


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