Bromo Crater, by Ismawan Ismail

Undoubtedly the most popular and well known tourist attractions in East Java province of Indonesia, Tengger caldera with Mount Bromo in the middle of it can be reached by 2-hours land trip from city of Surabaya or Malang. Tengger offers you sunrise scenery from Penanjakan or Cemoro Lawang or even from the crater’s rim, trek or off-road trip across the mountain’s famous sand sea, the traditional local people events, and much more. Mount Bromo is located in the middle of the caldera, and it can be reached by driving across the Sand Sea (Laut Pasir, as the local people called the volcanic sand desert surrounding the Mount Bromo & Batok) using a 4×4 vehicle. When you reach the Hindu’s temple at the foot of the Mount Bromo, you can rent and ride a horse heading to the bottom side of a steep stairway to reach the edge of the crater. And here we are…

Bromo Crater, by Ismawan Ismail

Olympus E-300 with Zuiko lens | 14-45mm at 14mm | Exposure f/10 @ 1/250sec | ISO 200
Bromo Crater, by Ismawan Ismail

Award Score: 59.5 (Value 12, Clarity 11, Composition 15, Style 10.5, Skill 11)

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | June 08
Photo of the Day Award Category: Travel Photography
Photograph Location: Mount Bromo, East Java | Indonesia

Photographer: Ismawan Arief Ismail (Kuala Kencana, Papua, Indonesia)
Ismawan Ismail born in 1972 and started to take pictures using pocket camera since his high-school days. An IT executive at a mining company located in Papua, Indonesia that started his IT career from a computer hobbyist, he is hoping that someday photography can also be another hobby-to-career move for him, as he already started taking photo assignments and selling stock photos.


2 reviews
  1. Galih Jati
    Galih Jati says:

    Very nice photo!! It shows different angle of Bromo, not the common angle that we can find easily on the Internet!

  2. Jacques - tripinasia
    Jacques - tripinasia says:

    Nice picture. However, I find that the surroundings are more impressive than the volcano itself. The sea of sand and the whole plateau have something special. It feels like walking on the moon.
    Still in East Java, I would also recommend to visit kawah ijen for amazing pictures with the colors (yellow from the sulfur and blue from acidic lake). Amazing place, truly.


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