The Hunter, by Mai Phuong Duong

Our early trip in the morning to catch the sunrise turned out to be a disappointment as it was very cloudy and the sun was nowhere to be seen. However, on the way back, we witnessed a misty and beautiful scenery of the tea plantation. My husband was waiting for the cloud to pass by for some lights on the field. And he completed my frame.

The Hunter, by Mai Phuong Duong

Canon 5D Mark II | Exposure 1/200 @ f8 | ISO3200 | 17-40mm L (@17mm)
The Hunter, by Mai Phuong Duong

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | July 03
Award Score: 58 (Value 11.5, Clarity 12.5, Composition 12.5, Style 11.5, Skill 10)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Travel Photography
Photograph Location: Cameron Highlands | Malaysia

Photographer: Mai Phuong Duong (Singapore) Registered
Mai Phuong Duong and her husband Minh Nghia Le are two Singapore-based photographers. Photography has nothing to do with their daily job but it has become their passion for years. They just hope everyone enjoy their photos as how they see the world.

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