Golden Glory, by Mohamed Rafi

Every Londoner has the photograph of this beautiful Westminster palace and I am not an exception. I have decided to photograph this beautiful monument along with the silent Thames river, so I landed in Central London in – 2° freezing cold, and got this gorgeous long exposure shot.

Golden Glory, by Mohamed Rafi

Canon EOS 600D | Exposure 74sec @ f/22 | ISO 200 | Focal Length 23mm
Golden Glory, by Mohamed Rafi

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | January 06
Award Score: 65 (Value 13, Clarity 12.5, Composition 15, Style 12.5, Skill 12)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Night Photography
Photograph Location: London, The United Kingdom

Photographer: Mohamed Rafi (London, United Kingdom) Registered
Mohamed Rafi is a small town boy, from the south interior part of India, SALEM-Tamilnadu. Born into a conservative Muslim family, completed schooling close to family. College times were larger than life, in the city of Chennai-Tamilnadu. After completing Diploma in Hospitality management, he kick started his career with Jet Airways Pvt ltd. now he is pursuing MBA in british institute of technology and e-commerce in london. A Life threatening accident bought about a huge change, hobbies of his childhood like poetry and short stories became a passion. This passion bought about the interest in photography using it as a medium of Expressions. Most of his clicks are pre scripted, to suit his moods and feelings. It would be understood as his interest in Photo journalism or Concept photography.he love to do his experiments with other styles of photography too. As envisioned by him, it’s the language of the soul. With a wandering heart, creative mind and an experience in calligraphy his work is a mix of new age art with contemporary Technics.


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  1. Oscar van den Meersschaut
    Oscar van den Meersschaut says:

    This image should mention that the tower in question is in fact the first skyscraper ever erected in Europe, long before any other building of this height appeared in our continent.
    Anybody with the official data?
    Would be very nice!


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