Female Macaque, by Shamma Esoof

This female macaque was photographed at Kuala Selangor, Malaysia. Apart from humans, macaques are the most widespread primate in the world; therefore it is no surprise that they can be found all over Malaysia. The gaze of this particular macaque holds a fascinating and surprising depth. Non-human primates are intelligent, sentient beings with emotional responses similar to ours.

Female Macaque, by Shamma Esoof

Nikon D90 | Exposure: 1/4000sec @ f/1.8 | ISO: 160
Female Macaque, by Shamma Esoof

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | January 06
Photo of the Day Award Category: Wildlife Photography
Photograph Location: Kuala Selangor | Malaysia

Photographer: Shamma Esoof (Puchong, Malaysia)
Simply and elegance is how Shamma Esoof would describe her aesthetic when she takes portraits of either people or animals. She believes photography can be used for worthy causes, which is why she volunteer as much I can with animal rescuers. Her volunteer work consists of taking dignified portraits of rescued animals to give them the best chance they can get at adoption. She is very much concerned with animal welfare and cultivating self-confidence in young people.

Shamma’s other work consists of makeovers and beauty shots as she is also a makeup artist. She is also collaborate with other photographers as a creative director. She elaborate, develop and execute concepts for photo shoots. Shamma coaches models and clients on posing.

Website: www.shamjolimie.tk
Google+: http://plus.google.com/105675627112568067224/posts
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sham.jolimie

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  1. Dhanisha Ganase
    Dhanisha Ganase says:

    The fact that you’ve captured it staring straight into your lens with full attention is simply amazing. Thumbs up!


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