Courage to Move Forward, by Sharad Patel

That’s not fog by the way. It’s snow. Heavy snow with even heavier wind! Went snow shoveling house to house for the first time & it was a learning experience. After hour and a half of shoveling, we were headed to the search for next house, and that’s when I took this shot. Courage to move forward: The guy in the van seemed to have courage to move forward despite of difficulties. Funny enough, even Police, Ambulance and Fire Dept. cars and trucks were stuck in snow.

Courage to Move Forward, by Sharad Patel

Canon 30D | Exposure 1/1250 | Aperture: f/20 | ISO: 800
Courage to Move Forward, by Sharad Patel

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | February 25
Photo of the Day Award Category: Motion Photography
Photograph Location: New York | The United States

Photographer: Sharad Patel (New York, USA) Registered
Sharad Patel, an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Graphic Design, is passionate about photography. After spending his childhood growing up in Mumbai, India, he moved to New York, USA during the summer of 2007. Even though always had a keen interest in photography, it was only after his friends introduced him to Flickr, that his interest escalated. He regularly uploaded pictures he took and received comments from his peers on Flickr. This allowed him to fine tune his vision and motivated him to develop his skills. He hopes that one day, when he is a successful graphic designer, he continues to capture the moments which make life special through photography.


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  1. iLu pIlUU
    iLu pIlUU says:

    Dear DInku aka Manthan aka Sharad

    Bro let me tell you that you are a inspiration to many people in this society. This is one the most beautiful pictures you have taken. I admire you photography skills, keep up the great work..

  2. Poonam Patel
    Poonam Patel says:

    This image at first sight seems ominous and seems to be of extra terrestrial origins but a closer look shows that this picture consist of snow, wind and machines built by us. This picture makes a person want to look into it for a few moments longer and take in all aspects of the picture. truly amazing!!!

  3. Tony
    Tony says:

    i must say that your pictures are like just purely creative and amazing! i really like the analogy you used of moving forward its a great life learning moral keep it up Mr.Sharad

  4. kb
    kb says:

    I like really enjoy the mystic this picture produces. Stunning. Does not get old looking at it over and over again.

    Superb eye you have, continue inspiring.

  5. Ujash Patel
    Ujash Patel says:

    Thats my boy. I plan on using this in the weekly k3 sabha. It would be great if we can project this and truly bask in it’s glory.

  6. Swet
    Swet says:

    I have been following your photography for a while now and I must say you are one TALENTED BOY!!! If life is like a camera boy you do face it with a smile =)

    Please keep taking pictures like these! Its a symbol of inspiration for many people.


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