Commutes, by Pharan Tanveer

I was going through this local market in Lahore on a Sunday morning, where I saw this guy on crouches, basically it contrasted with the rest of people on cycles, or bikes and added some power to the frame overall.

Commutes, by Pharan Tanveer
Technical Info: Canon EOS 10D | ISO 100 | Exposure 1/640sec at f/2.4 | Pentax 67 105mm f2.4 | Exposure Bias -1/3EV
Award Winner: Photo of the Day | February 23
Award Score: 74 (Value 14, Clarity 14, Composition 18.5, Style 13.5, Skill 14)

Title of the photograph: Commutes
Photo of the Day Award Category: Street Photography
Photograph Location: Lahore | Pakistan

Photographer: Pharan Tanveer ( Lahore, Pakistan )
Pharan Tanveer is a student of bachelor at Lahore University of Management Sciences, but does photography more than he visits classes or read books. He has spent most of his time to strengthen his grip on this passion of his, which to some extent is like a fuel that keeps him running. Photography is something that he inherited from his father, Tanveer Ahmad, who has always been a benchmark for him.


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