Temptation, by Eyad Al Shami

It was the 1st birthday of a friend’s daughter, and the place was filled with kids, shouting, running, jumping, screaming, and doing all that kids can do. One of the main servings during the birthday were these chocolate bites on sticks which makes an adult drool… Kids attacked the set and got immersed in trying to swallow the whole thing in one shot… Chocolate was everywhere on their faces/hands/clothes, and parents where stealing some bites too!! I guess you can’t fight chocolate temptation especially in this shape.

Temptation, by Eyad Al Shami

Nikon D700 | Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 | 160mm | ISO 400 | 1/400sec @ f/2.8
Temptation, by Eyad Al Shami

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | February 06
Photo of the Day Award Category: Food Photography
Photograph Location: Dubai | The United Arab Emirates

Photographer: Eyad Al Shami ( Dubai, United Arab Emirates )
“Born in 1976 in Jerusalem, Eyad Al Shami grew up with the tend to try different hobbies including Pool, Chess, Music Instruments, Diving, Card Magic, Bowling. But photography was the most serious one when he bought his first camera in 2000, it was a point and shoot that he carried with him everywhere… He was fascinated with low light and night shots, street and nature… However the serious journey started with his first DSLR “Canon 450D” in 2007 that his wife bought him on their anniversary, since then it was never the same… Continuous reading, dedication and practice is what he was focusing on since that day… he believes there is still so much to learn and apply but practice is always the key.
He is working in IT industry sales which is a demanding career, so is photography… Finding time to go out and shoot is one of his challenges, that’s why he don’t spare time during his travels as he always shoot what appeals to him. Photographing Kids/ Street and Low Light scenes is what he loves and will one day adopt one of them as the main path in his photography journey.”

Website: http://www.eyadography.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eyadography
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/eyadography

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