Wonders of Nature, by Simran Nanwani

Bali and Sunset, what a perfect combination! Whilst capturing and at the same time enjoying the moment, I personally feel close to the Universe and Creator. Watching the waves and the sun’s reflections on the waves feels blissful and serene. This quote best describes how I feel : *“When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the Creator.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Wonders of Nature, by Simran Nanwani

Canon Powershot G12 | Exposure 1/1250 sec @ f/4.5 | ISO 80 | Focal Length 30mm
Wonders of Nature, by Simran Nanwani

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | December 28
Award Score: 60.5 (Value 12, Clarity 11.5, Composition 16, Style 11, Skill 10)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Sunrise & Sunset Photography
Photograph Location: Bali | Indonesia

Photographer: Simran Nanwani (Jakarta, Indonesia) Registered
Born and brought up in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 1983, Simran grew up with her parents and graduated from a Local International High School. She further pursued a Chartered Accounting Course(ACCA) in Singapore for 3(three) years. She started her own online business called Seni Home, in 2011, selling handicraft products made in Indonesia. She started developing a keen interest in Photography, after she was gifted her first digital camera, a Panasonic Lumix, on her birthday in June 2007. She takes pleasure in capturing sunsets, sunrises and flowers in general. In the year 2010, she took up a one day short course of Basic Photography which was conducted by an experienced photographer named Ross Deverson. She learned the basic tips and techniques of Photography.

The interest turned into passion when she bought her iPhone. She started clicking pictures everywhere and of everything that caught her attention. They say practice makes perfect, and although she has a long way to perfection she has learned alot and also gained more exposure through apps like Instagram. Her first online exposure was done by a Hongkong website called Localiiz. She had tagged a few of her Hongkong Vacation trips to their tag on Instagram and they featured some of her shots on their website. In March 2012, she got herself a semi-pro camera – Canon Powershot G12 which has broadened her experience in exploring new techniques with macros,angles and clarity of shot. She plans in future to take up professional courses to deepen her passion. Currently, she does not have specific plans for future. She would love to be featured in magazines like National Geographic or any other photography Magazine. She might add this passion to her current home business in future. Her definition of Photography would be not about clicking and sharing moments, but admiring the beauty of the Universe and interpreting it in ways that keep inspiring us to keep clicking.

Website: http://about.me/simirani
Flickr: http://flickr.com/photos/simirani
Gallery: http://instacanv.as/simirani
Twitter: http://twitter.com/simirani
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/simi
Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/senihome

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  1. phani
    phani says:

    Amazing story!! I love what you wrote about sunsets!! Great photo and well deserved to be featured! Congratulations! :)


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