Blue Screen, by Hairolnizam Sami’on

Taken in the blistering afternoon sun during a photowalk where I found this subject ‘hiding’ behind the blue canvas. This was a moment I will seldom come across. The subject was actually a construction worker doing maintenance work at the entrance a car-park. The blue screen was to block debris from the walkway beside it. I found this glorious moment as the sun was directly behind him which cast a shadow on the screen.

HBlue Screen, by Hairolnizam Sami'on

Blue Screen, by Hairolnizam Sami’on

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | December 27
Photo of the Day Award Category: Color Photography
Photograph Location: Singapore

Photographer: Hairolnizam Sami’on (Singapore) Registered
A young Singaporean who loves capturing images of what the eye can’t perceive. A hobby photographer who takes whatever, whenever and has been at it actively for the past 2 years.


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