Accumulated, by Riudavets Ernesto Vidal

This Photograph was taken on a beach in Menorca. It is accustomed to having power when one usually go for a walk from beach to beach and is a tribute to the sea and land.

Accumulated, by Riudavets Ernesto Vidal

Canon 550D with 50mm | Exposure: 1/2000 at f/1.8
Accumulated, by Riudavets Ernesto Vidal

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | December 16
Photo of the Day Award Category: Conceptual Photography
Photograph Location: Menorcar, Balearic Islands | Spain

Photographer: Riudavets Ernesto Vidal (Menorca) Registered
Ernesto Vidal is very new to photography, however had won awards, including best pictures and photographs the best of the week, the best of the month, in specialized schools in Seville and then he lives in one of the best magazines in Menorca. Atourism magazine published four of his photographs.


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