Keep Clear, by Keeny Newton

This is the view of the road from a hotel in Melbourne. I stayed there for a week and watched this space almost everyday. This specific day, there were just enough cars and that one person walking through the right spot on the road. This photograph was shot at Market Street in Melbourne.

Keep Clear, by Keeny Newton

Canon 30D | Exposure 1/125sec @ f/5.6 | Focal Length 46mm | ISO 200
Keep Clear, by Keeny Newton

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | December 12
Photo of the Day Award Category: Aerial Photography
Photograph Location: Oaks at Market, Melbourne | Australia

Photographer: Keeny Newton ( Bangalore, India )
Keeny Newton is a freelance photographer based out of Bangalore, India. His day time job is as an IT consultant. He is inclined towards the art side of photography and primarily shoots fashion and does travel photography.

Twitter: @keeny76

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