Little Waterloo Bay, by Cameron Cope

I took this self portrait panorama of myself hiking in one of Australia’s most amazing national parks, Wilsons Promontory. It simply can’t be beaten for the amount of phenomenal beaches in what is a relatively small area occupying the southernmost tip of mainland Australia. What makes it even more awesome is that many of those beaches can only be accessed by hiking a minimum of 10km, which generally means the crowds stay away. Those hikes also take you through some stunning mountainous terrain with spectacular views of cliffs, bays, beaches, offshore islands, dense forests and omnipresent gigantic granite boulders. Each time I go there I’m blown away and this visit was no exception.

Little Waterloo Bay, by Cameron Cope

Canon 5D Mark II | Canon 24-105mm f4L IS USM | Exposure: 1/250sec @ f/11 | ISO 400
Little Waterloo Bay, by Cameron Cope

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | December 11
Photo of the Day Award Category: Adventure Photography
Photograph Location: Little Waterloo Bay | Australia

Photographer: Cameron James Cope (Melbourne, Australia.) Registered
Cam Cope is an Australian emerging photographic artist dedicated to travel photography and producing personal and collaborative projects with focused themes of colonial history, indigenous culture and the environment. His travel work intends to inspire a sense of awe for the world around us and his personal projects intend to contribute to public debate and engineer platforms for people to tell their own stories.

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