Sharing an Umbrella, by Siew Bee Lim

One raining day afternoon, I went to this place outside a shopping mall to photograph. The open space was empty most of the time, as pedestrians preferred to walk under the shelter. This couple carrying a beautiful umbrella walked from the middle to the other end. They were out of my frame before I could click. I promptly changed to portrait view and clicked.

Sharing an Umbrella, by Siew Bee Lim

SONY ILCE-6000 with E PZ 16-50mm | Exposure 1/30 sec @ f/4.5 | Focal Length 23mm | ISO 100
Sharing an Umbrella, by Siew Bee Lim

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | December 01
Award Score: 69.5 (Value 13, Clarity 13, Composition 18.5, Style 13, Skill 12)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Minimalistic Photography
Photograph Location: Singapore

Photographer: Siew Bee Lim (Singapore) Registered
Born in 1965 in Singapore, photography was one of the old hobbies of Siew Bee Lim. Now she would like to learn it formally via Light & Composition platform as she believes it’s not too late.

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