Call for Perseverance, by Yousef Deeb

Within the framework of the Palestinian revolution, hundreds of women go down streets for peaceful demonstration and protestation. Every day you can see this practice in Gaza! Their life is as non-stopped struggle. This woman is among hundreds who claiming for peace and justice in a peaceful way, holding the ultimate guide for human, the true word of God – Quran, and asking for know the truth.

Call for perseverance, by Yousef Deeb

Canon EOS 20D | Exposure 1/200sec @ f/6.3 | Focal Length 300mm | ISO 400
Call for perseverance, by Yousef Deeb

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | December 01
Award Score: 69 (Value 13.5, Clarity 13, Composition 17, Style 13, Skill 12.5)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Documentary Photography
Photograph Location: Gaza | Palestine

Photographer: Yousef Deeb (Gaza, Palestine) Registered
Yousef Deeb is a passionate photographer, lives in Gaza, Palestine. He works as a photographer in Zain Pannet website and for a French press agency. He is spending his career life perusing the smile, moments, and features on people faces from his country. All what he wants is the world knows about him, that he’s a young Palestinian guy who working hard to demonstrate the beauty of his beloved country despite of the non-stop war since ten years ago, and to convey that how those people deserve to live in peace.


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