The Lone Tree, by Siw Camilla Johnsen

Photograph was taken in a small fishing village Gjesvær, which is situated close to the north cape in arctic Norway. For about two months each year, the sun stays above the horizon 24 hours of the day, a natural phenomenon called midnight sun. “The Lone Tree” was taken at 1 AM on the 30th of July, which was one of the last days of full midnight sun in 2010.The landscape is somewhat bare, and the few trees around are the ones you’ll see in people’s gardens. The tree in the photo was probably also part of a garden at some point, but now the remains of it stands alone looking out over the mighty Barents Sea, contrasting with the scenery around it.

The Lone Tree, by Siw Camilla Johnsen

Canon Eos 450D | Exposure: 1/60sec @ f/5.6 | Focal length: 17mm | ISO: 100
The Lone Tree, by Siw Camilla Johnsen

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | August 17
Photo of the Day Award Category: Nature Photography
Photograph Location: Gjesvær, Nordkapp Municipality, Finnmark | Norway

Photographer: Siw Camilla Johnsen (Hammerfest, Norway)
Siw Camilla Johnsen lives in Hammerfest, Norway at 70º North, and enjoy spending time outside in the ever changing weather and seasons there. Sometimes she brings camera with her to photograph it.


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  1. Rich Collins
    Rich Collins says:

    Let’s hope your is the winner, as it exemplifies how light even as it wanes can be used for a wonderful capture.


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