Courage, by Faisal Khan

For some of us, going to the office is like sipping a hot coffee, or driving a nice car and reaching a comfortable workplace and the race starts with emails and meetings. For others, it is about creating the gear, packing it up, getting into the unknown and pray for the best. With practice and determination, many of us will become masters of their trades and enjoy it, no matter how hard it look from the outside.

Courage, by Faisal Khan

Canon EOS 7D | Exposure 1/400 sec | Focal Length 229mm
Courage, by Faisal Khan

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | August 10
Award Score: 58 (Value 11, Clarity 11, Composition 13, Style 11, Skill 11)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Documentary Photography
Photograph Location: Oued Merzak, Atlantic Ocean | Morocco

Photographer: Faisal Khan ( Casablanca, Morocco ) Registered
Faisal Khan, who was raised in Saudi Arabia, started taking photograph just a year ago. Along with travel and exploration, photography became another passion for him. It was his childhood dream to travel & live in many countries. Once he graduated with chemical engineering, he had the opportunity to work for long stints in many locations and have traveled around 30 countries. It was a great door for him to have in-depth contact with his religions, cultures, and lifestyles. At the same time this privilege to establish some strong relationships with friends around the world.

Back in 2003, Faisal has embarked on a journey to self-discovery that led to a gradual shift in lifestyle and daily habits, made him drop 28kg of excess body weight, then it was followed by a focus on growing his spiritual dimension. He has started practicing Yoga, meditation, and performed Hajj (Islamic pilgrimage). All these led to a series of positive personal changes in his life, and a quest for continuous development and strong desire to connect with God. He came to realize that, in solitude and being in nature he can know God more through his creations. Visual encounters and messages that he passed by can be captured, and reflected upon with photography. Faisal hopes that through his exploratory lifestyle, he keeps on fueling his strength in connecting with the creation of Almighty. Also, he hopes that through his photos he can inspire others to realize how Allah is the Greatest, and majestic, then take another positive step forward towards a happier life. Faisal sees photography as a form of meditation that channels positive energy through him, a way of contemplation, self-discovery and awareness; much more than capturing a moment. It requires him to be in the moment, focused on his subject and totally detached from what’s unnecessary around him. In his free time, Faisal enjoys running, trekking, paragliding, reading, being in Yoga, learn surfing and kite boarding.


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  1. Ryszard Wierzbicki
    Ryszard Wierzbicki says:

    This photography touches my heart. When seeing how hard people work “for pennies” in the other parts of the world I realize how cozy life we have in comparison to others. Moreover, how unsatisfied are people in rich world with their life and having so much at the same time.


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