Erotica Red, by Robbie Kaye

On my quest to take photographs of flowers in my neighborhood, I found this stunning Lily. As I studied this flower closer, it reminded me of a volcano, with its yellow center shooting up from the middle. The macro lens enables me to get up close and personal and see the intricacies that are not ordinarily visible the naked eye. The texture of the petal is delicate, with its ruffled edges, but as a whole, it appears to me as a sturdy, passionate flower.

Erotica Red, by Robbie Kaye

Nikon D200, 1/80 at f 10, Focal Length 60 mm
Erotica Red, by Robbie Kaye

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | August 05
Photo of the Day Award Category: Close-Up Photography
Photograph Location: Santa Monica, California | The United States

Photographer: Robbie Kaye (Santa Monica, CA, USA) Registered
As a classically trained pianist, Robbie comes to photography looking for visual melodies. Just as music can take you on a journey, make you laugh and cry and touch the deepest part of your soul so can a photograph. She is a storyteller and looks for visual narratives that define a place in time. She is also drawn to finding beauty in unexpected places, hoping to intrigue, inspire, and evoke a reaction from the viewer. Robbie is a champion of the overlooked and sees her photography as a way to create change, giving exposure to societal issues that need to be addressed.

Robbie is from New York and resides in Southern California. Her work has been published in Gourmet and Allure Magazines, and The L.A. Art Magazine. Online she has been published in Lensculture, Lenscratch and Bob Killen Fine Art Photography Blog. Her work is permanently exhibited at the University of Southern California and her published book, “Rendezvous with Light,” features Robbie’s photography and the poetry of Carol Muske Dukes, California Poet Laureate.


6 reviews
  1. Elaine
    Elaine says:

    Oh, my, it’s absolutely glowing! Beautiful work, Robbie. “Champion of the overlooked” is a great way to describe your mission.

  2. dizit
    dizit says:

    Absolutely stunning! As a photographer of botanicals myself, I am always interested in seeing other photographers approach to the subject. This is amazingly beautiful.


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