Tower Bridge London, by Leonardo Teles

One of the most iconic images of the old capital. Witness of such a myriad of events surrounding the Thames in its 115 years of splendor, it stands as a must see point at dusk or night. Its lights give us such a beautiful natural spectacle, a natural mirror when the ‘old river’s’ water are calm that a long exposure is a natural choice. For this particular piece, I believe I used the walls around the Thames to give me a stable platform and a remote control. A ND Grad filter allowed me to better control the different nuances of light and better capture the subject as a whole. The result is London, as it has been for over 115 years. A beautiful reminiscent of the glory of old days.

Tower Bridge London, by Leonardo Teles

Tower Bridge London, by Leonardo Teles

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | August 04
Photo of the Day Award Category: Night Photography
Photograph Location: River Thames, London | England

Photographer: Leonardo Teles (Brazil)
Leonardo Teles is an enthusiast who believes that the art of depicting an image should not only consist of a frozen moment in time. Photography is the art of creating your very own subjectivity and expressing this into images. Born of Brazilian nationality, he lived for over 5 years in Europe where he started to take photography more seriously. This soon became a hobby of intense pleasure. His background is on Business and Humanities (history,philosophy,economic history, etc…). Trying to bring the inner beauty hidden into every subject he shoots into life he captures it to posteriority’.


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  1. Christine
    Christine says:

    Great photo. Sums up what I love about London, especially near the Thames. Love the lighting and reflections too


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