Pied Kingfisher, by Kurien Koshy Yohannan

It’s always a bird photographer’s dream come true when he/she gets a willing subject to photograph. That is exactly what happened on one of my visits to the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, India. I was aware that kingfishers could be spotted in the area and as I was gliding along on the river in a boat, this Pied Kingfisher came and perched itself on a branch protruding out of the water. It was early morning and the sun had just risen and it seemed like the bird was just sunning itself. It was not too bothered about my presence and hence I got an opportunity to capture a few good shots…

Pied Kingfisher, by Kurien Koshy Yohannan

Canon EOS 50D | Exposure: 1/800sec @ f/10 | ISO: 400 | Focal Length: 500mm
Pied Kingfisher, by Kurien Koshy Yohannan

Award Score: 64.5 (Value 11, Clarity 11.5, Composition 16, Style 12.5, Skill 13.5)

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | August 04
Photo of the Day Award Category: Wildlife Photography
Photograph Location: Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary | India

Photographer: Kurien Koshy Yohannan (Edinburgh, Scotland) Registered
Photography started off as a hobby for Kurien Koshy Yohannan and over time it grew on him – so much so that he now makes a living from it. Though he loves photographing a variety of subjects, he spends most of his time photographing Corporate Events and some of his time photographing Weddings. With whatever free time he has left, he loves getting out and photographing the subjects closest to his heart – Wildlife and Nature.

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