Glowing Caterpillar, by Avik Sengupta

In an effort to experiment with light and reflection, I ended up taking this photo of a Chinese lamp and its reflection on my dining table.

Glowing Caterpillar, by Avik Sengupta

Nikon D3000 | Exposure 1/20 sec | Aperture f/10.0 | Focal Length 55 mm | ISO 200
Glowing Caterpillar, by Avik Sengupta

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | April 28
Photo of the Day Award Category: Abstract Photography
Photograph Location: Hyderabad | India

Photographer: Avik Sengupta (Hyderabad, India) Registered
Avik Sengupta is truly passionate about Travel and Photography. As a kid he used to shoot with a Kodak Croma 35mm film camera. Later he got hold of a SONY digital camera which his sister gifted him. Recently, for about 7 months, he has started shooting with Nikon D3000 and he is enjoying every moment of it. Avik has traveled to many places in India to take pictures and hope to continue on his voyage to become a better photographer.


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  1. saurabh Kumar
    saurabh Kumar says:

    Deserves to be there on the National Geographic Calendar marking the month when Chinese New ?Year is celebrated :)


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