Dubai At Night, by Bashar Alaeddin

I have just bought the new Canon 5D Mark III in Dubai after finishing a fashion-shoot, and lucky to be accommodated at a friends apartment in Jumeirah Lake Towers with this view from their balcony. I placed the camera on my tripod on the balcony and captured this image. I wanted to see how good it really was in low-light. This was, I believe, one of the very first images I took when I ripped the packaging apart excitedly. With that, I framed with the images as so to showcase the contrast of high-rise towers on the left with the open space of the city on the right. Dubai is a beautiful city to photograph at night if your fortunate enough to be high-up to see the glittering lights all over.

Dubai At Night, by Bashar Alaeddin

Canon 5D Mark III with 24mm f/1.4L | Exposure 30sec @ f/11 | ISO 160 | 100mm
Dubai At Night, by Bashar Alaeddin

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | April 23
Award Score: 67 (Value 13, Clarity 12, Composition 17, Style 12, Skill 13)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Night Photography
Photograph Location: Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai | The United Arab Emirates

Photographer: Bashar Alaeddin (Amman, Jordan) Registered
Born in Kuwait City, lived between Jordan and Lebanon most of his life, Bashar has over 9yrs experience in digital photography since he picked it up as a hobby for a course during his university years. Starting from a 2mp Samsung, he is now the founder of a photography & video studio based in Amman, Jordan where his time is split between his commercial day job photographing food, interior, products and portraits; and his night-time job traveling around the middle-east region capturing landscapes, the culture and his favorite genre, long-exposures of the night-sky. He is an amateur astronomer and tried to combine that with his love of photographs showcasing the beauty of the Arabian landscapes under starry nights.


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