Thika Kenya, by Masja Stolk

This photo was taken in a school for children who lives in the slums of Thika, 1.5 hour drive from Nairobi. I was here with an NGO ( that is a foundation operating children home for 56 children, income generating projects and an education program, which support thousands of children in the nearby slums. I went there as a volunteer photographer because i like to do something for other people.

Thika Kenya, by Masja Stolk

Canon EOS D400 | Focal length 16mm | aperture f/2.8 | shutter 1/15sec | ISO 800
Thika Kenya, by Masja Stolk

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | April 21
Photo of the Day Award Category: Documentary Photography
Photograph Location: Thika, Central Province | Kenya

Photographer: Masja Stolk (Gouda, Netherlands) Registered
Masja Stolk is a passionate photographer from central Gouda. After 15 years hard work as a hairstylist she started her real love, photography. She has also complete school of photography. Masja work consists primarily o fadvertising and reportage photography, where she has specialized in portrait photography. Since 2006 she regularly form a creative team of art director Erwin Bik and work for various clients. Its sometimes just a photo shoot, sometimes just a logo, a style sometimes with all the trimmings. But it always comes down to ideas into images. Images that speak, stand, or just feelings reinforce a combination there of. Masja is very fond of traveling and goes two times a year on non-profit basis to other countries to make reports for charities, in addition she also likes to travel with her family. Last year Masja went for st. Macheo to Kenya and have made pictures of projects in the slums and schools, and there she made ​​a nice report. She is also been to Bangladesh to photography disabled children to draw attention in west Europe to this group of children that really can use some help.


2 reviews
  1. Corinne
    Corinne says:

    Hello Masja,

    Your work make sucha strong statement and I thank you for bringing attention to ohters in need. It seems to me that with all the hoarded wealth in the world is is criminal that anyone is poor and hungry. Thank you.


  2. jimmy brown
    jimmy brown says:

    Hi Masja. I really enjoy your photography. Such important work. It makes me feel so sad to see these young children living in such poverty. Thank you and keep up the good works – jimmy


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