Finding Nemo, by Sahil Lodha

A glimpse from the colorful underwater world clicked during my recent diving adventure at Maiga island,Malaysia.

Finding Nemo, by Sahil Lodha

Panasonic DMC-TZ10 | Focal length 8.5mm | Exposure f/3.8 @ 1/500 sec | ISO 80
Finding Nemo, by Sahil Lodha

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | April 13
Award Score: 73 (Value 13.5, Clarity 14, Composition 18.5, Style 13.5, and Skill 13.5)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Underwater Photography
Photograph Location: Maiga Island | Malaysia

Photographer: Sahil Lodha (Mumbai City, India) Registered
Presently, a 3nd year Law Student, Sahil developed an interest in photography 3 years back after enrolling himself for a photography course, on instinct. During the course, he was mesmerized to see images develop in the darkroom & the joy to see his own images develop gave him tremendous creative satisfaction. After the course, he started learning under the guidance of a professional photographer during which he gained an insight into the finer aspects of photography. As time passed, he came to realize the visual possibilities & the stimulation it offered to his imagination. Since then, it has become an obsession, leading him to take a break from his academics for an entire year just to travel & explore different cultures. He has been fortunate enough to have his pictures published in various leading Indian photography magazines, a few International magazines & to exhibit them at a few Major Indian cities. He have been fortunate enough to win the first & second prize at the Prestigious Asia without Borders photography competition held at Singapore by Asian Geographic. He wishes to get a degree in photography on completion of his bachelors in law & pursue travel photography & explore Wedding,Fashion & Documentary Photography further.
Photography, for him is simply an extension of the natural impulse to explore the larger world.


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  1. Adrian Nixon
    Adrian Nixon says:

    A superb shot, nice and clean lighting with the focal point placed on intersecting thirds, well done.



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