Transition, by Sukesh Kumar

For me this picture represents the transition between the Sun and the Moon. The moon, though not as vibrant as the Sun, but still makes sure that it shines to the fullest of its capability.

Transition, by Sukesh Kumar
Technical Info: Nikon D80 | Focal length 32mm | Exposure f/11 @ 1/13 sec | ISO 100
Award Winner: Photo of the Day | April 09

Title of the photograph: Transition
Photo of the Day Award Category: Artistic Photography
Photograph Location: New York | The United States
Photographer: Sukesh Kumar (New York, USA)
Sukesh Kumar is working as an IT Specialist with IBM. Though he is originally from India, he is right now working in NY, USA. Sukesh is a hobbyist photographer. Now, after few years of clicking pictures with his Nikon D80, he feels like even my eyes work as the view finder.

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  1. arundhati
    arundhati says:

    The tree to me is like an artist’s hand…holding a palette of colours (the sky)…and painting his masterpiece…with the perfect crescent ever…..while the ships and boats are just making it complete :)


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