Parasol, by Thaddeus Miles

Sunday morning I drove a few hours from home to visit the Magic Wings Butterfly Garden. While trying to capture a photo a transparent butterfly I came upon this delicate flower a little larger than my thumbnail resting in the shade and on a leaf of one of the bigger trees in the green house. Fortunately I had the time to wait for touch of the sun to come around and awaking its internal soul like it does most of us daily.

Parasol, by Thaddeus Miles

Nikon D300s | ISO 400 | Exposure 1/125sec at F/8.0 | Focal Length 157mm
Parasol, by Thaddeus Miles

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | April 05
Photo of the Day Award Category: Close-Up Photography
Photograph Location: Deerfield, Massachusetts | The United States

Photographer: Thaddeus Miles (Lowell, Massachusetts USA) Registered
Thaddeus Miles envisions sustainable cities. As Director of Public Safety at MassHousing he works with law enforcement and diverse communities throughout Massachusetts confronting the complexities of crime and trauma. He has a long track record, a strong commitment to empowering people and strengthening youth voice, and vision.

Thaddeus garnered insights and strategies from his international work at Harvard Law School and Community/Urban planning programs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have reinforced his steadfast commitment to ensuring that the most underserved members of our community have genuine opportunities for success and achievement.

He founded the MassIMPACT technology consortium, and co-founded the Neighborhood Network National Consortium. He serves on many nonprofit boards throughout the Commonwealth. His newest partnership “Think Big Dream Big” is a youth driven initiative to jumpstart young people on the journey to a positive future, the fulfillment of their goals, and dreams.

Thaddeus Miles is also an animator and photographer. This led him to become the Board President of Peace* in Focus*: a global non-profit organization that trains youth from underserved and post-conflict communities to be creative peace builders and leaders using photography and grassroots media tools. His immersion in his latest photography projects: “365 a photo a Day in 2012,” and “The African American Church” has strengthened his artistic vision, and illuminated the four pillars of his identity that provide the frame and structure for his photographic journey (Faith/Spirit, Family/Ancestry, Nature/Landscape and People/Community).


23 reviews

    That is beautiful as I stair at it I can almost begin to smell the sweet fragrance as it clings to life……two thumbs up.

  2. Bobby T.
    Bobby T. says:

    Your art is a gift that keeps giving brethren!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your works and talents in Lowell. Peace!

  3. Oye Akintan
    Oye Akintan says:

    I am amazed how you can communicate via your lens. The image awakens my soul each time I look at it. Keep up the soul lifting work.

  4. Jacque
    Jacque says:

    Simply beautiful! Understanding, appreciating and simply taking the time to remind us all of nature’s beauty and peace.

  5. Osayi Erhabor
    Osayi Erhabor says:

    What a moment to be captured!!! Without the flicker of you lens we would never have the opportunity to enjoy this God’s beautiful moment!!! Thanks for your talent in Photography.

  6. Karen Collins
    Karen Collins says:

    What a beautiful picture. It made me stop and enjoy the scene. Its amazing what we overlook in our daily lives…its takes an artist to show us the beauty that surrounds us, because we are too busy to slow down and really look around.

  7. Charlie Sharigian
    Charlie Sharigian says:

    Hey Thad,

    The picture coveys peacefulness and relaxation and heavy thoughts of god’s creation of heaven and earth.


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