Healthy Colourful Food by Juhi Saxena

Eating natural colourful food has tons of benefits and is pleasing to the eyes too. This photograph is of ‘Fried rice stuffed capsicum’ prepared by me at home and then artistically plated. This photo depicts how natural food can be so colourful and be made delicious when cooked with a pinch of spices.

iPhone X | Exposure 1/35 sec @ f/2.4 | Focal Length 6mm | ISO 100

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Award Date
April 4, 2019



Value 12
Clarity 12.5
Composition 16.5
Style 12.5
Skill 12.5

Award Category
Food Photography

Photograph Location

Juhi Saxena, an amateur photographer from India and living in Singapore for 2 years. She worked in IT and now started food photography recently in March 2019. She is a mother of two kids and blogging on the tips for cooking food for kids. She wishes to work further in the food industry and continue blogging and photography of kids meals.

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