Parted Ways, by Sukesh Kumar

This picture has few many interpretations for me, depending on the context. At one time, it tells me that we started together, we may be separated for some time, but then we will be together again. At some other point in life, it tells me that the world is round, and everything is connected by the other.
Few of the times, it also reminds me of my mom’s preaching that there are two paths (represented by two railroads) to success (represented by the uphill), one of them is easy and one tough. The easy (and may be wrong) roads are crowded and attractive, and the tough ones (and may be right ones) are unattractive and not so followed. Your choice at the beginning of taking these paths, decide what will your life lead to. .

Parted Ways, by Sukesh Kumar

Nikon D80 | Focal length 18mm | Exposure f/9 @ 1/25 sec | ISO 100
Parted Ways, by Sukesh Kumar

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | April 03
Award Score: 68 (Value 12, Clarity 12, Composition 18, Style 13, Skill 13)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Conceptual Photography
Photograph Location: | The United States

Photographer: Sukesh Kumar (New York, USA) Registered
Sukesh Kumar is working as an IT Specialist with IBM. Though he is originally from India, he is right now working in NY, USA. Sukesh is a hobbyist photographer. Now, after few years of clicking pictures with his Nikon D80, he feels like even my eyes work as the view finder.

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  1. Uttam
    Uttam says:

    Great Photograph, the theam behind it makes it interesting. this really made me rethink on the path I have choosen to come uptil here and the wonderful moments on my journey

  2. Vikash Anand
    Vikash Anand says:

    Great Pic, this pic tells us the truth about life. you can chose a different path but ultimately it takes you to your destination. may be the path is different.

    Superb pic Sukesh, keep it up

    Br// Vikash

  3. Nitin
    Nitin says:

    very nice capture !
    To me, the uphill at the end is the ultimate truth , you are bound to reach there, irrespective of the path taken, no matter if you like it or not.

  4. arundhati
    arundhati says:

    I agree with the interpretation …”it tells me that we started together, we may be separated for some time, but then we will be together again….”
    and…when the picture says it all…do we really need to say anything else!!!

  5. Ramakrishnan
    Ramakrishnan says:

    Hi Sukesh,
    Really .. Really a Real good Pic.of the Day. It reminds me of one Physics law ” THE PARALLEL LINES WILL MEET AT INFINITY”. Now I really understand the Law thru this photo..

  6. Wael -
    Wael - says:

    Very beautiful and interesting photo. It reminds me that there is always more than one path to any destination. Though this path may be right for me, another person’s unique path is equally valid.

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