Margerie Glacier, by Steve Hirsch

Glacier Bay in Alaska is accessible by private boat and cruise ships. The access daily is limited but when you arrive if your lucky on a clear day it is so beautiful. The Margerie glacier is 21 miles long and with global warming concerns is shrinking every minute. I was accompanied with my whole family on the occasion of my parents 50th Anniversary and truly enjoyed photographing Alaska.

Margerie Glacier, by Steve Hirsch

Canon 5DII | ISO 200 | Focal Length 130mm | Exposure f/11 @ 1/500sec
Margerie Glacier, by Steve Hirsch

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | April 01
Photo of the Day Award Category: Nature Photography
Photograph Location: Alaska | The United States

Photographer: Steve Hirsch (Columbus,Ohio, USA) Registered
Steve Hirsch grew up with a love of photography, had a darkroom in his basement and photographed throughout high school. He took some time off to get married, raise 3 girls and become an otolaryngologist. Now that the kids have grown he has renewed his interest in his favorite hobby. His other favorite pastime is travel. The two passions go hand-in-hand, travel landscape and wildlife photography. In order to grow as a photographer he has attended workshops in Africa and various locations. He continues to travel all over the world and the United states to capture animals in their natural habitat and photograph beautiful landscapes in all different seasons of the year and various lighting. His artwork adorns the walls of his home, his friends, family and clients homes as well as medical offices. He feels photography is his way to express oneself artistically and connect with people on a very basic level. He enjoys the process of planning and traveling to each unique location, patiently taking the best shot and exploring the best way to display his works of art. He currently lives in Columbus Ohio USA.

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  1. Carlos Esteban Robledo
    Carlos Esteban Robledo says:

    Raros espacios incomprendidos por muchas personas que solo ven un montón de hielo inexpresivo sin percibir que es parte de un maravilloso capítulo de la lenta evolución de que que somos participantes en la búsqueda de la humanidad posible en este planeta Tierra,


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